Affenpinscher Dog Breed Info

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Group: Toy

Weight: 7-9lbs

Height: 9-11.5 inches


The Affenpinscher was originally from Germany in the 16th century. People refer to them as "monkey dogs" because of their physical appearance and expression. The breed has a strong character, and a very sporting instinct. This made this breed particularly useful in destroying rats.


The Affenpinscher is well balanced and sturdy. They have a great deal of boldness and courage, and they also feature a lot of charisma. They are also quite agile. Affenpinchers are very curious and playful, and are a good choice for future dog owners that do not have a lot of experience. Affenpinchers can also be very strong filled, stubborn and suspicious towards other people. In general Affenpinchers do get along fine with other pets, as well as children. They are not recommended for families with very young and energetic children though. Affenpinchers can be very demanding and therefore need to be shown who the boss is.


Affenpinchers are a very sensitive breed, but they are very energetic and intelligent. Training can be difficult at stages, as this breed has a stubborn streak. They can also be difficult to house break. This breed makes very good watchdogs, and they are also very good exercise companions. They are very curious, and smart. Affenpinchers tend to become aggressive and fearless toward anyone that they see as a threat. These dogs love to entertain and be with their families.


These dogs do not require a lot of grooming. It is advised to brush their coats once or twice a week to keep it in a good condition, and also to minimizeize shedding. It is also important to not cut their coats short, as it will spoil their harsh coat for many years to come. Affenpinchers do sometimes have stray hairs that grow in the corners of their eyes – this may cause irritation and should be removed immediately.


Many owners find that Affenpinchers are quite difficult to housetrain. In most cases crate training is recommended for this breed. They possess a very controlling attitude, and it is important to be firm and consistent with them in training. Affenpinchers are quick to learn, but they do not respond well to repetition. It is important to present them with a variety of tasks; otherwise they will become bored easily.

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