Bulldog is one of the most popular Breed of Domestic Dogs

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The bulldog is one of the most popular breed of domestic dogs. Ask random people to name dog breeds and you will probably see bulldog in their list. Of course we can still be more specific with the breed as there are French and American bulldogs that look the same. But the truth is the name "bulldog" would directly point to the English or British bulldog.

Bulldogs are naturally stubborn with a very passive attitude to the simplest of instructions. Together with the seemingly sour face, you can not help but think that the dog is mocking your authority. To compensate this sourpuss expression, bulldogs are gentle and mild tempered with a tendency to overly depend on their human companions for walks and excursion around the neighborhood. They are a hit to kids because of their kind and stable temper.

Appearance is shared among all the bulldogs around the world, which actually made it a well known breed. It has broad shoulders with a complimenting large head. The signature folds in the face and on top of the nose are standard physical attributes. A naturally short tail adds to its charm together with its round and curious looking eyes broadly set in its face. And of course how can you miss the flabby skin hanging in their necks with the drooping lips and crooked pointed teeth. Some sees bulldogs as downright ugly, and to some just plain and simple adorable. The fur is short with irregular stripes of red, fawn or white as a common description of its color.

Even in its unique looking features, it does not at all resemble a bull. So what is with the name? The word "bull" was coined because of the bulldogs' ancient purpose in England – bull baiting. This sport is ferocious and the bulldogs we know today are a far cry to this ancestral origin. Through generations of breeding, the aggressiveness of the original bulldogs is eliminated. Some dog lovers in England see this as a necessary step in preserving the breed, which at that time were beginning to fade away in the banning of a sport they were originally associated with.

The English bulldog is an icon today. Thanks to its distinct appearance and to its rich history. People around the world could never miss the bulldog – ever.

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