Choosing a Dog by Breed Or Behavior

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It is of utmost importance that the the dog varies fits into the home environment comfortably. Consider not just how the dog would fit into your own way of life, but also how your lifestyle would affect the dog. Choosing the right breed is an intensely personal matter but there are some broad guidelines:

The size of the fully grown dog is an important consideration. If one is living in a small flat, one should keep a small dog. Large dogs need open space so only people with big house should opt for such breeds.

This is probably more important in choosing a dog than any other characteristic. The temperament of the dog should be compatible with that of its owner, s. For instance – an enthusiastic and an extrovert owner should select a puppy which suits his lifestyle, Such an owner will never be happy with a docile, quiet and a sleepy puppy.

The Terrier dogs such as Bull Terrier, Border Terrier are lively, not easy to train, but very responsive dogs, they are good with children of property trained.

Toys dogs such as Pomeranian, Apse are very good as companions but can provide a sense of security to their master. They are very alert. They bark at the slightest noise. All toy dogs will be happy with as much exercise as you can give them, but they may be equally happy with only a moderate amount.

The gun dog (sporting) breeds- Golden Retriever, Labrador are generally easy to train and settle into the human environment without difficulty, they need exercise and lank of exercise shows! These dogs could be skilfully trained.

The breeds are classified into 2 segments- Pedigree and Mongrel.

Pedigree : These are purebred dogs and the family history is clear. The Most important advantage of picking a purebred dog are highly cultured. The advantage of picking a purebred dog is that you know what you are getting. From a reputable breeder, a Cooker Spaniel puppy will grow into a Cooker Spaniel dog, of a size and weight that is within the breed norm, and with potential behavior characteristics of the breed, there is or should be advice available to deal with whatever problems may arise as a particular feature of the breed.

Mongrel : is one which has no purity of breed and is nothing but a street or stray dog. Mongrel different from pedigree dogs in the sense that no hierarchy of the breed is known or its record is not property maintained. Culturing mongrel breeds becomes the responsibility of the dog-owner who intends to groom them. For these reasons, it is a always preferable to have a pedigree dog at home rather than a mongrel. But the main factor that governs all aspects of keeping a pet dog is the relationship between the dog and the master. Matching psychological wavelength between the two is more important than the breed and pedigree of the dog.

Source by Patricia E Seagraves

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