Dog, Dog Breeds, Grooming, Training

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Dog, Dog Breeds, Grooming, Training

Breeders are the aristocracy of the dog world. At least that’s the way it should be. However, some of them take their job for granted. They are often in it for the money and don’t provide proper care for their dogs. This is why choosing a dog breeder can be a tricky task. Here are 4 factors to consider to make a good choice:

Check the Breeder’s Reviews

You can go online to make your list of possible breeders and cross some of them off that list. Type their names into a search engine and see what pops out. If there are reviews of the breeder you are interested in, study them carefully.

Alternatively, you can try to locate people that already purchased their dogs from that breeder and ask for their opinions. There should be no valid reason why the breeder himself wouldn’t provide you with a few names.

Visit the Breeder’s Home

Make sure to pay a visit to the breeder and see if the puppies are clean. Space where the breeder keeps them should also have ahigh level of hygiene. Notice if the dogs are happy when they see their breeder. Also, make sure to meet the mother. A friendly, healthy-looking mother is a good sign that the puppy will grow up to be like that, too.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

You surely have a lot of questions for the breeder. But don’t be surprised if he has some for you, too!

A good breeder will care where his dogs end up because he wants what is best for them. They’ll ask you how much time you plan to spend with your new family member and do you plan to take him to dog shows. They’ll probably also want to meet your family in person.

He Will Remain Available After You Buy the Puppy

Once you buy a puppy, a good breeder will remain available as a great source of valuable information. You will have different questions regarding raising or training your new dog. He should be eager to help you with any issues you might have and offer advice and support.

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