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Many pets bring happiness to their pet owners, but by far the most popular is the dog. They make a loyal friend and always give unconventional love, no matter if we have had a bad day, and feeling down. They are always there for us, no matter who we are, rich or poor, their love never wavers. Supplying us with the best dog information possible will help in keeping our canine friend healthy.

Stories that have been told in history, has always shown that dogs have attached themselves to humans. They have been known for their bravery during times of war, where they risked their lives, to save a human. They have been heroes to many through the world, but they are mostly a source of love to any pet owner.

Dogs have always been with humans dating back to prehistoric times. They have worked alongside of humans, pulling sleds, herding sheep, and cattle. They work with police, to track down people, and have rescued humans that have been trapped in avalanches and lost in snowstorms.

The ancestors of dogs have always roamed in packs. This is one of the reason's why dogs do not like to be left alone for any length of time. Wolves and coyotes, which are relatives of the dog, hunt in packs looking for food. Some breeds of dogs, such as golden retrievers still have the instinct to hunt.

There are many websites that provide dog information, whether it's history of the dog, or how to keep your dog healthy. Searching the internet is a great place to find informative information on dogs and how to care for them.

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