Finding a Dog Park While on Vacation

Staff October 6, 2016 0
Finding a Dog Park While on Vacation

Dog parks are one of those things that are important to be able to find when you have pets on the go for holidays. Knowing where the park will be ahead of time can make a trip much calmer on you and your pet. If you have no idea where the next stop will be, trying to find a dog park when your dog is whimpering with crossed legs in the back seat can turn the entire trip into a stressful mess.
It isn’t acceptable to just pull over and take your pet to any stretch of grass that you may find. If you are caught on private land, you could be slapped with trespassing charges for letting your dog relieve himself. On public land where dogs aren’t allowed, you could face a council fine if you are reported. Some of those fines can be so ridiculously high that reupholstering your car would have probably been cheaper.
Consider using a mobile app to help you find additional pet-friendly dog parks while you’re on the road. An app like this can be equally useful in planning out your trip as well. When places that are dog-friendly are pointed out on a map for you, it can cut your research time into a fraction. It will help you plan out everything that you need, and keep you from risking having fines issued to you for letting your dog go somewhere they shouldn’t.
When you find yourself with pets when on a holiday and no plans for letting them stop anywhere, there are some things that you can do to help them legally. Find people who are walking their own dogs on the streets. They can often tell you where it is appropriate to take your pet to. If you can’t find someone to ask, stop at a gas station and ask a worker where they would take their own dog.

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