Have You Considered Being a Dog Foster Parent?

Staff November 28, 2016 0
Have You Considered Being a Dog Foster Parent?

Have you thought of being a dog Foster Parent? This is an excellent way to help dog rescue associations save many animals lives. Dogs that you the foster parent are so grateful to be rescued. There’re numerous rescue groups that you can find on the internet. They’re listed under shelters, and you can find a dog shelter that’s in your area. When I searched through the animals on the internet, they are ads placed asking people to foster parent animals, and you can download an application form there to fill out and then apply to do this work. The rescue groups will make an appointment with you and come to visit you at your home. They will need to go through your home to make sure it is safe for the dog to come into.

Once you’re approved, you will be notified when a dog is available for you to take care of. Make sure that the rescue group knows what size of the dog is best for you and how many you can take in your home. They will arrange you are getting the dog and what supplies you’ll need to look after them. Each rescue has their policies so make sure you’re clear on them.

Most rescue dogs do not come from good circumstances and have emotional or behavioral concerns, so you will need to be very patient with them. Keep the dog on a leash when you first take them out for a walk or to see the new home that they are in, as you don’t know if they will run away. Take off the leash once they’re inside your home. Slowly introduce them to your other pets so that you don’t frighten him. You will have to watch him most the time for the first few days unless you have a pet crate to put them in. You may leave the door of dogcrate opened when he isn’t confined so that he can go there to feel safe when he needs to.

The rescue will contact you to find out information about the dog or cat. If the dog has some issues, that’s okay as we can work on it. Just love him and train him so that he will become a great dog. There’re a lot of dogs out there that need a safe, warm place to stay until the rescue group can find them a permanent home with a loving family.

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