How To Make Your Cat’s Fur Soft And Shiny

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    hmmmma rigt

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    Cat : walks and gets out of the room
    Cat : Meoww

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    U just copied the wikihow using the pictures and the text exactly

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    I came away with how important hygiene and diet is for a cat. ANOTHER TIP: I put salmon oil in my cat's food. I have also used coconut oil. Both made my cat's fur shine like crazy. It also improved my cat's skin significantly. These were recommended to me by my cat's vet. BTW, my cat, Brooklyn, HATES water. The last time I gave her a bath she took her finger nails and was hanging on my skin (inner part of my right arm). Very painful. I ended up in the urgent care center. Needless to say, I never gave Brooklyn another bath again. My cat, Brooklyn, grooms herself daily. There are lots of common sense tips on this video so I didn't learn anything new. My cat, Brooklyn, suffered from dermatitis for several years. Took her to the Vet and the Vet gave me an antibiotic medication for Brooklyn. The Vet also said "give her coconut oil" or "salmon oil" because it will help improve her skin issues. Once Brooklyn finished her antibiotic medication (was on it for 5-weeks) I started Brooklyn on salmon oil (mixed into her food). Within 2-weeks I noticed a huge difference not only with her skin, but also with her fur! Shine, shine, shine and her skin is now in excellent condition. Three times per week I put coconut oil on her food (on these days I do not use salmon oil). The other days I use salmon oil (mixed into her food), but not the coconut oil.

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    Why can’t u tell it yourself no one what’s to hear a robot

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    3:06 Step 6 . Phone for paramedics or get someone to drive you to the emergency room to get your arms upper body and head bandaged up. Step 7 . ask yourself what the fuck were you thinking in trying to give your cat a bath. Step 8 . Buy Rinocerous hide gloves and welders apron to wear for the next few months or untill the cat gains your trust again .

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