PDSA vet advice on how to groom your pet rabbits

Big Admin May 7, 2017 1

In this PDSA Petcast a PDSA vet explains the importance of regularly grooming your rabbits and health issues to look out for while you are grooming them.


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  1. PDSA October 16, 2009 at 8:45 am - Reply


    Our vets would never treat a pet harshly and are always trying to do the best for pets they are looking after.

    The vet who is grooming the rabbit is using a very soft brush, which will not hurt the rabbit. He is also using the one-way brushing action to remove any dead hair which can cause problems if left in a rabbits fur. A rabbit with matted fur is very uncomfortable and flies can lay their eggs there, which can lead to a rabbit being very ill.

    Team PDSA

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