Poodle Dog Breed

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Description: One of the most popular, fashionable, and beloved breeds, the Poodle comes in three sizes. The Standard Poodle weighs between 45 and 70 pounds, depending on the individual and its sex. The Standard Poodle must be taller than 15 inches at the withers. The Miniature Poodle should be between 11 and 15 pounds and can weigh up to 17 pounds. The Toy Poodle can be up to 10 inches at the shoulder, and usually weighs 9 pounds or less. The Poodle's coat is woolly and curly and comes in white, gray, black, brown, silver, apricot, or cream. The Poodle's ears are long and lie close to the head. The tail is sometimes docked. The Poodle is often called the French Poodle.

History: Although most people associate Poodles with France, Poodles actually originated in Germany. The name Poodle is derived from the German "Pudel" which referred to the dog's propensity for water play. While used today almost exclusively as a companion dog, the Poodle is actually a keen hunter, especially in water retrieval. The Poodle has its ancestry in the Barbet, the French Water Dog (extinct), and the Hungarian Water Dog. Used not only in hunting game, the smaller Poodles were utilized to hunt for truffles or as performers in circuses. The Poodle is very intelligent and can be easily trained.

Temperament: Poodles are renamed as being highly intelligent dogs. They are cheerful and good-natured dogs that love to be involved with the family. They become extremely attached to their human friends and do all they can to please them. The Standard Poodle is especially wonderful with children. The Miniature and Toy Poodles are good with children, too, but tend to be more nervous, and they are better suited to older children.

Health Issues: The Poodle tend to be a long-lived dog, up to 15 years or more. However, it is prey to several health problems. The Poodle can suffer from hip dysplasia and bloat. This last is a serious condition that requires immediate attention from a veterinarian. Von Willebrand's Disease, a form of hemophilia, is also present in this breed. Poodles also can experience Addison's Disease, which is a disease of the endocrine system. This can be treated with the proper medicines.

Grooming: All Poodles have a long, woolly coat that requires careful grooming, especially if the dog in question is a show dog. There are various show clips that need a good deal of care, such as the English Saddle Clip or the Continental Clip. If your dog is not going to be shown, the very attractive and easy to care for rough cut or puppy cut are suggested. Attention should be given to the Poodle's ears to help prevent ear infections.

Living Conditions: Poodles of all sizes should be kept indoors with their family. Apartment living is fine as long as the Poodle is given some daily exercise. The Poodle will appreciate even a small yard for exercise or play, and a daily walk should be given if this is not available. This dog is not able to live outside during the winter.

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