drandlov October 26, 2016 0

So,,,,  let’s start at the beginning ,,,,,

You have decided that you want a puppy.


What kind of a dog do you want ??

Do you have the kind of lifestyle that can train and make a puppy a nice home and also enjoy him or her at the same time. My wife and I fortunately were able to have varying hours so that we could be there for the intense training parts.

What is your motivation for acquiring this puppy ???

Is it for protection ?? Then you are probably looking for a larger dog or one who thinks he is big and let’s it be known as such.

Or are you looking for a companion dog ?? Then you are going to be looking for a smaller dog more suited to indoor life.

We will get into the needs and wants of both the adults and the puppies as we go along further.

Please remember that a dog is a lifelong commitment done right They need us and I know we need them. Whether you go out to the mailbox and return —- they will be happy to see you  Or go to the store for groceries and come back in a couple of hours —– they will be happy to see you.  Or if you go to work for the day —– when you return they will be very happy.

Unconditional love is what a dog gives you …. I know —– I have had many and my home will always have a dog …. I have three and more about that later.



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