Taking Care of Dog – Keeping Your Dog Safe and Happy

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Most dogs have an instinct to dig holes, retrieve, herd, chew and chase. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to teach your dog when these behaviors are suitable. By taking care of dog behaviors, you have to give your time and energy in teaching your dog the proper way to be.

Giving your dog exercise everyday is very important. A dog needs to have stimulation not just physically, but also mentally. Taking your dog for daily walks and playing with them counteracts boredom and lessens destructive behavior from occurring. It also burns calories, preventing obesity. It keeps them healthy and at the proper weight for their breed and size. Dogs love to play catch with Frisbees, balls and running after their dog owner. There are dog friendly parks that allow your dog to be off leash and to play with other dogs.

When it comes to taking care of dog, they require a warm and a cozy place that they can be warm and quiet. It's essential that there are no drafts or dampness in the area. You can purchase a dog bed, which is soft and cozy, or you can use blankets and pillows. Using a crate allows the dog to have a place where he or she can go to sleep and be undisturbed. Always be sure to clean the dog's bedding every week and on a daily basis, allow their bedding to air dry.

Always take care of your dog, by giving them attention and loads of love. A dog is a man's best friend and will always be loyal and trustworthy to their dog owner.

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