Techniques to Stop Dog From Biting – Part 1 of 4

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This article will be Part one, of a four part article training series dealing with considerations to stop your dog from biting.

Stopping your dog from biting is an absolute necessity. Preventing your dog from learning how to bit is best accomplished when the dogs are actually puppies. Puppies are full of energy and yearn to play with people and things. However, puppies are very easily taught right from wrong. If you are able to be patient and consistently enforce good and bad behavior patterns, then they will be able to learn that the biting pattern is a bad thing.

Toys being made available within quick reach is a must. Puppies love to play games. Your job is to make sure that these games to do not include a puppy being taught to aggressively interact with a person. If you toss the dog around and wrestle with it, then it causes the dog to reinvigorate fun with aggressive playing, and possibly biting.

A common response tactic when a puppy nips at a human is for the person to yell: "Ouch!" and to respond dramatically and loudly so that it startles the puppy. This is a natural tendency of puppies to respond that way. Why? When puppies play with each other and one hurts the other a little too hard, the one responds with a loud yelp, or whimper, and it lets everyone know the playing was a little too aggressive. If you do the same, your dog will know you are hurt, and that it crossed the safety line.

Part 2 of our article series will review physical punishments and how each member of your family needs to have the same training goals, rewards, and penalties systems in place for a successful dog training.

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