Ten Easy Steps to Train Your Dog

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You must allocate every day for about 10 to 20 minutes training your dog. At the end, you will not only have a trained dog, but you will also obtain a loyal and reliable friend!

So why is it good to train your dog? First of all you need to know that it helps to establish a closer connection between you and your dog, it stimulate the mental abilities of the dog, it gives to the dog the feeling that it is loved and it helps to improve its behavior

There are ten easy steps to train your dog and obtain all mentioned about.

1. If it behavior is redundant and you want it to stop then commanded him "Stop." In any case, ever, you should not hit him.

2. The dog training should not deal with all family members, even if they use the same verbal commands, because of the different tones it confuses the animal. The dog must work for someone who has sufficient patience and time available. Later, after the dog will learn commands of one family member, others members in the house also can test them with exactly the same commands.

3. Use positive incentives. Every time he listens, praise him and reward him with something good and do not punish him if he fails or does not catch what you want. If your dog associates obedience with something pleasant, it will be more willing to listen to you then if he would be afraid of punishment. Do not abuse with dog beats every time a command executed correctly, otherwise he will not listen unless he gets what he wants.

4. A command for one time. Do not teach many things at once. Wait until one command is learned, then try to show another.

5. Do not yell at him. Try to keep your tone of voice pleasant. It was demonstrated that some dogs respond better to commands made on a playful tone, gentle, while others prefer a firmer tone, but still friendly.

6. Train your dog in different places. If you try to teach your dog various commands in the house, garden, park, then he will get used, to be obedient you whatever the environment will be.

7. Train the dog while playing. For example, if you throw a ball, before throwing, tell him "Stay!" and say "Come" while he will return to you.

8. Combine training in everyday life. Once your dog learns a new command, begin to use it for the rest of time, not only at training sessions. Say, "Down!" While going through the living room to the kitchen and then give him some good. So make sure that he will listen to you in all types of situations.

9. Do not expect him listen every time and every command. Dogs are living creatures, not robots. They also have better days and days when they do not have the mood and do not focus on something, as we humans. Therefore, you should not get mad at the pet, but also do not let him be lazy let him overcome the training.

10. Do not take your dog with you in the car before you have the confidence that he learned the commands "Sit" or "Stay." It is for the safety of you and other road users, it's better to be sure that the dog will sit quietly during the trip

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