Tips on How to Train Your Dog to Stop Jumping!

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Having problems with your dog? Wish your dog would just do as you say? Think you've tried everything that you could train your dog? Well do not be too discouraged. If you answered yes to one or all the questions then you're in the same position I used to be in.

One of the problems my dog ​​(which is a Labrador Retriever) used to have was that she would jump on me every time I came walking through the door. She's a big dog with big nails, so I got scratched up a lot. Now do not get me wrong I love my cute and cuddly friend and I'm glad she's excited to see me, but she can be excited to see me without scratching me up. Also, I did not want her to jump on guests that I would have coming over. That's just a big "no no!" This can be a little embarrassing and awkward at the same time.

I'm happy to say she does not do that anymore and our relationship is better because of it. If you're having problems like this then here are a few tips on how to get your dog to stop jumping on you.

1.) Always greet your four legged buddy at his / her level. Kneel or squat down with open arms towards your dog.

2.) During greetings; stop your hyper active buddy from jumping in the first place. Place out both your hands and stand still until your dog responds properly to this gesture. Do not use any verbal commands until your dog understands your actions. It's usually easy to add in verbal commands when your dog understands an action with the word.

3.) Turn your back and ignore your canine pal. Tell your dog to sit, but do not yell. Tell him / her calmly and when your dog follows your command then you can turn back around and greet your canine pal with open arms, but remember you do it on his / her level. If your dog jumps again again, then just repeat this process. You have to be patient with your dog.

If those suggestions have not worked for you and your furry little friend, then I have one word for you. EXERCISE! That's right, if your dog has that much energy built up then chances are you have not been taking man's best friend out running in a while. A Dog needs exercise just as much as we do, if you do not give them a way to get rid of their energy then they will find a way to let it out themselves.

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