Training a Dog to Heel – So Easy a 5 Year Old Could Do It

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In a perfect world, the perfect walk with your dog would mean walking at a leisurely pace, or whatever pace you decide, with your dog right beside you, not in front or in back of you, and having him stop automatically when you stop. Instead, what you've got is a dog lunging forward on the leash while you try desperately to hold on. There's no stopping him and you definitely have no control whatsoever.

Does this sound like you're training a dog to heel? Not by any stretch of the imagination and you know it. In fact, you're desperate to learn what to do to train your dog so you can take nice walks. If you could take nice walks, you'd do it a lot more often and benefit from getting some exercise along with your favorite four-footed friend. And by exercise you do not mean getting your arm yanked out of it's socket and your back thrown out of alignment.

There is another good reason to teach your dog to heel, and not just for enjoyment purposes. A dog that is under control of the handler and can heel is going to stay safe. He will not be running out in the busy street, or trying to pick a fight with the big bully dog ​​up the street, or running from you if his collar happens to come unfastened.

Turns out, training your dog to heel is pretty easy. Positive reinforcement in the form of training treats to reward the desired behavior, short training periods to start, and verbal attaboys are what it takes. Also needed is consistent training so he gets good at it and can do it with every walk you take.

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