Weight Management Tips For Your Dog

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Here are a 6 helpful weight management tips for your dog!

1. Exercise … yep, good old exercise! Make sure you take your dog on a daily walk outside. If not everyday then every other day. This will help them to burn calories and strengthen their muscles. Dogs do not have to do much to get food anymore …. just wait at their bowl until it's time to eat! Therefore, they run the risk of consuming more calories than they're burning, which just like in humans, leads to gradual weight gain.

2. Plenty of fresh water! It may sound too simple but many dogs do not get enough water during the day. Always offer them plenty of fresh water in the morning and make sure you refresh their bowl during the day. Water plays a huge role in weight loss.

3. Make sure you do not feed your dog too much food! Wolves, which are descendent's of dogs, were genetically designed to store fat and and not eat every day. We have a tendency to overfeed our dogs.

4. Feed your dog a very high quality weight management dog food. Take the time to do some research and find one that offers quality protein. Stay away from any food with soy, corn, wheat gluten or dairy in it. By feeding your dog a high quality dog ​​food, you will start to notice that they are less hungry during the day.

5. Find a weight management dog food with L-Carnitine in it. L-Carnitine helps build lean muscle, supports a strong heart and turns fat into energy.

6. Look for a dog food with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in it. Keeping your dogs overall immune system supported will play a major role in getting your dog to a healthy weight.

Did you know that a dog fed a high quality food will live on average 5 years longer than a dog fed a lesser quality food?

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